Remodeling a Library with Inspiration from IKEA

With the prompt of “Inspirational Installation” this was a very open ended project.

Grock: Socks in a can

During the final project of 11th grade, our prompt was to either redo a previous design or work with package design. I decided to make this idea just because I wanted to make something cool. After a bunch of brainstorming and coming up with the name ‘Grock,’ I finished the label design here: I spent the rest of the project trying to learn 3D rendering. I didn’t properly learn until a semester later.

Robotics Pit

This design took many hours because I had to redesign the entire banner after I took a look at what the business team had made in Canva. This was my favorite version. However, I gave the officers two versions and they decided that they liked another version later. The banner got printed the next day on time for the competition. The final dimensions of the primary banner ended up being 110in in width.